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Administration and bureaucracy, is this all that the Benelux has to offer? Think again! The traditional heart of Europe, while geographically compact, offers an extraordinary diversity in history, architecture, and artistic interest. The countries which form this partnership (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg) are intricately linked through their histories and yet they still retain their own distinctive features. The discerning traveler who takes the time to get beneath the surface will be well rewarded.

From the Romanesque churches in Groningen to the Flemish cities, from the Mosan valleys which hold the tragic memories of past wars, to the pocket-size capital of Luxembourg, the Benelux continually surprises.
Whether in French, English, Hebrew, Italian, German, Spanish or Russian our friendly, qualified and experienced guides will be happy to accompany you as you discover the many cultural, historic, culinary and artistic treasures of the Benelux.

Don’t delay…it’s time to take another look at the “old continent”.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to design a programme tailored to your particular interests, from a half-day visit to a multi-day, multi-country itinerary.