The Vermeer museum: Vermeercentrum

Johannes Vermeer is one of the best known artists from the Dutch Golden Age. His name is inextricably linked with Delft, the city in which he was born in 1632 and where he lived and worked all his life.

The Vermeer Centre offers a visual voyage of discovery through the life, work and city of Johannes Vermeer. The visitor steps into 17th century Delft, sees samples from Vermeer’s oeuvre, goes in search of his mentor and the stories behind the paintings. In the studio, the visitor learns how Vermeer approached his work and about his mastery of light, composition and colour. With the aid of 17th century lenses, ‘goggle boxes’, pigments and contemporary media, the visitor studies the paintings of Vermeer in depth, but the magic of his masterly work remains. The Vermeer Centre is housed on the historic site of the former St. Lucas Guild, where Vermeer was Dean of the painters for many years.


Voldersgracht 21
2611 EV Delft

T + 31 (0)15 – 213 85 88