Swine flu reaches just 1 case in Holland

The Swine flu has been speculated in the World’s leading media sources as the number one news topic creating a great deal of attention and reaching only one one reported case of swine flu in the Benelux. One patient with a swine flu diagnosis in Holland is a great example of swine-flu-mania which has swapped the world and streamed billions of dollars and millions of euros into swine flu prevention programs. It could be compared to the Dutch tulip mania of 1637 in the way of how primitive the Madness of Crowds is still being manipulated by large PR budgets of the Corporations.

The swine flu mania which erupted in Mexico and was powered by the monopolized Mexican press got further picked up by government-controlled mass media sources in the USA and Europe. Still being the headline making news, swine flu has turned to be nothing but a money-making scheme of the pharmaceutical conglomerates which have taken over the lead with the arrival of the Democrats in the USA.

Where the Amerian Republicans had created, escalated and earned their multi-billion profits on the image on world terrorism, the Democrats have come with a new money-making scheme enabling the pharma industry’s placebo solutions for the problems which either do not exist at all or count at a much lower risk than the risk being killed by a lighningh.

The pharmaceutical news and business reports have been ignited with the swine flu news giving direct advantages and stock rises to the companies producing the “cure” from the swine flu.

The Swine Flu Mania has not spread throughout Benelux with actual cases. The only case reported in Holland can rather be a matter of statistical error than a proof that swine flu actually exists at all.

Now, what companies could actually benefit from swine flu? A world-wide pandemic of swine flu could benefit several pharmaceutical companies. How much do they benefit from swine flu? How does it  impacts their stock prices?

GlaxoSmithKline – manufactures Relenza, an antiviral drug which appears to be effective against the Swine Flu.

Roche – manufactures Tamiflu, an antiviral drug which appears to be effective against the Swine Flu. Roche had immediately announced it was ready to produce 400 million portions of anti swine flu drugs a year.

3M – makes n95, n99 and n100 masks worn at hospitals, and recommended by governments to help stop spread of airborne disease.

Any benefit to these companies would depend on the revenues from replacing swine flu antiviral stockpiles or providing masks to health care workers and citizens. Also, the proportion of total company profits these products make up is important to understand how much of a boost to the bottom-line a swine flu pandemic would provide.

We wish you to stay well and visit Benelux – a zone  which is free from swine flu, AIDS and the massive world-scale brainwashing which intends to benefit the companies and corrupted governments which are ready to spread any news or any virus for the sake of increasing private profits at the expense of the frightened public.