Amsterdam – Holland’s famous city of canals and world’s largest global village

The image of Amsterdam is the one of its historic city centers, with the canals and the magnificent patrician houses with their famous gables. The best way to take in all that beauty and history is from a boat on the canals of Amsterdam. Exploring the maze of canals in the old city center on a comfortable round-trip boat is an absolute must when visiting Amsterdam. Amsterdam has a great variety of cultural pearls. In addition to Rembrandt’s world-renowned ‘Nachtwacht’ (The Night Watch) in the Rijksmuseum (Royal Art Museum) and the famous paintings by Van Gogh in the Van Gogh Museum, there are plenty of other museums in Amsterdam to explore on your city trip to Holland’s capital.

The Anne Frank House where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary could be on your list of visits in Amsterdam. Of course, Amsterdam has more to offer than museums. Holland’s famous trade center has plenty of shops located in unique urban surroundings and amazing locations along graachten (canal streets) with bicycles parked all over. Most of the Amsterdam’s shops, department stores and markets can be found in the historical city center.

Erotic theaters are not the only ones found in the center of Amsterdam. The cultural life of Amsterdam is vivid. But, in addition to many theaters, concert halls and cinemas there are also cozy restaurants, cheerful pubs, trendy bars, disco’s and a casino.

Amsterdam is known as the Europe’s transportation hub and Holland’s second largest port after Rotterdam. Holland’s most famous city is easy to reach due to the many international connections. Schiphol Airport is just 15 km from Amsterdam city center and perfectly connected by railway to the famous exhibition center – RAI Amsterdam (10 minutes). Schiphol Airport links with 205 towns in 87 countries all over the world. More than 50 international trains arrive at Amsterdam Central Station every day. Amsterdam is also easy to reach by boat. There are ferry services to and from England and Scandinavia.

Amsterdam is unique in having so much to offer in the way of history, culture, canals, museums and attractions, restaurants and a great atmosphere to top the unforgettable travel experience to the world’s largest global village.

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