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One of the famous Luxembourg places and a wonderful landmark of the Duchy is the ancient Vianden Castle which celebrates its 700 anniversary in 2008. The Vianden Castle and its buildings, which had attracted Victor Hugo’s admiration during his visits to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, The Vianden Castle buildings have a total length of 90 m. They are surrounded by a long and beautiful fortified wall. The entrance to the castle continues through five gates, the first of which had a drawbridge.

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The famous Vianden Castle of Luxembourg was constructed between the 11th and 14th centuries on the foundations of a Roman ‘castellum’ and a Carolingian refuge. It is one of the largest and most beautiful feudal residences of the Romanesque and Gothic periods in Europe.

Until the beginning of the 15th century it was the seat of the influential counts of Vianden who could boast their close connections to the Royal Family of France and the German imperial court. Henry I of Vianden (1220-1250) is known as ‘the Sun Count’ for it is during his tenure that the holdings, lifestyle and influence of the House of Vianden reached its zenith. His ancestors were influential in the Ardennes, Eifel and Luxembourg regions for hundreds of years.

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The bold, brilliant, and skillfully restored in the 1970’s Vianden Castle is overlooking the River Our. Enter this enchanting 11th century gem to admire antique weaponry and armor, ornate furniture, and Gobelin tapestry. Afterwards, stroll through the charming medieval town of Vianden with its Gothic churches, quaint lanes, and fortified towers. French Writer Victor Hugo stayed in Vianden during his exile. Stop by the newly renovated Victor Hugo House – operating as a museum since 1935 – where you’ll find original works and furniture, along with other personal documents. As you approach the museum, look for Rodin’s famous bust of Victor Hugo.

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