Night of the Brussels Museums

1st of March, Brussels – Night of the Brussels Museums

Do not miss this event! It is an amazing opportunity to discover some of the best museums in the world: over 80 museums of the Brussels-Capital Region, either federal, communal, communautarian or private. Dealing with art, technology, industry, sciences, folklore, literature, history and much more fields, they all present a different aspect of Brussels. The richness of their collections and the new vision they have on cultures from all around the world are simply amazing. Belgium’s museums are one of the major elements of the modern Belgian culture.

NIGHT OF THE BRUSSELS MUSEUMS: On this enchanted evening ten Brussels museums invite you for the first Night of the Brussels Museums. Visit the BELvue Museum, the Museum of Musical Instruments, the Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art, the Museum of the City of Brussels, and you will see performances, concerts, workshops and bizarre entertainment created for you in cooperation with youth organizations and students. From 8:00 pm until 1:00 am followed by a party.