The Belgian Ardennes mountains

The Ardennes Mountains offer some of the best hiking opportunities to all nature lovers. Each season of the year can make your Ardennes trip a real discovery.

ardennes.gifIn the Ardennes the three main cities are: Liege, the “Cite ardente”, known for its irreverent citizens; Namur, the historic, strategic, fortified city on the Meuse river and Tournai, famous for a fabulous Romanesque/Gothic cathedral, 18th century royal porcelain and XV and XVI century tapestry. To really enjoy the Ardennes follow the small roads, and discover wonderful castles, monasteries, gardens and country inns where you can chose a meal of trout fresh out of an Ardennes mountain stream, or for the adventurous, select a piece of juicy wild boar. Sampling all the cheeses and beers of the Belgian Ardennes region is a special experience. While you are indulging in epicurean treats, you may at the same time visit a few places that will give you personal insight into historic events that have shaped Europe over the centuries…

Town of Rochehaut in the Belgian Ardennes is famous the scenic view at left of a tight river bend that definitely requires a clear day to see it well. The upper part of Rochehaut is very pretty and has a number of restaurants and hangouts perched at cliff’s edge. The surrounding area is very pretty, too, but can be a treacherous drive if you’re not careful! The road is windy and not protected by a guardrail the whole way. So, take it slow.

Another Belgian Ardennes place is Vresse – a lovely town which seems to pride itself in the arts. While the center of the town maintains a common brick-laid appearance, the outer has more flair and character. On your lucky day, you can see a regatta taking place on the river.

The Abbaye d’Orval, situated just north of the Franco-Belgian border near the towns of Florenville and Villers-devant-Orval, is a beautiful, well-preserved, and unique place in the Belgian Ardennes. As you might have guessed, one of the six Trappist beers comes from this Orval monastery. In fact, you will find two abbeys in the area — one of them burnt in the 17th century leaving stones covered with grass until now.

scourmont.jpgThe Chimay Trappist Brewery of Belgium, which is within the Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont (La Trappe de Chimay), in Forges, Hainaut Province, produces another famous Belgian Trappist Beer.

About TRAPPIST. The monks of the Abbey of Scourmont at Chimay belong to the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, known generally as Trappists. These monks, who follow the Rule of Saint Benoit (going back to the 6th century) take the name of “Cistercians” from the monastery of Citeaux, founded in Burgundy in the 12th century. The Cistercian monasteries are divided into two great Orders, of which one is historically attached to the Abbey of La Grande Trappe, in Normandy – the origin of the popular name of “Trappist”.

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The story of the “Ardennes Hunters” begins with the birth of their ancestor in 1830: the 10th Line Regiment. It continues after their creation in 1933 to defend the Ardennes. This story is illustrated with documents and through the evolution of uniforms and arms until nowadays.


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